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'll be buried in arlington national cemetery near his brothers. >>> 44 u.s. troops have died in august. the latest is an american serviceman who was killed in a militant attack today involving a roadside bomb and gunfire. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are now in afghanistan. >>> l.a. police say former model jasmine fee yorery may have been killed in her car. they found her mercedes benz in a parking lot yesterday, and now they're checking it out for clues. meanwhile police in canada are searching for the car driven by a woman who dropped off fiore's husband at a hotel before he killed himself. police might have a lead. >> we have what you could call circumstantial evidence. we know -- we know for a fact that ryan's father, dan jenkins here in calgary, owned a silver p.t. cruiser which matched the description of one found outside a hotel in british columbia. we know a vehicle similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia, parked in the building where ryan's half sister helena now lives. >> they say they cannot file charges against a woman who drove
insurance paid for by the government may be back on the table, and democrats may use an obscure budget manure that rams a bill through by a single vote. >> white house officials privately already laying the groundwork by saying, look, we've been working with republicans for months. if they don't get something done in the next few weeks, we're going to have to take drastic measures. one top adviser put it to me, if we have to push it through this way, no one's going to remember how messy it is. what they'll remember at the end of the day is that we got health care reform done. >> well, this shift in attitude is a significant change from what the obama administration had been saying over the weekend. correspondent richard lui explains what caused the about-face in less than ten minutes. >>> new this morning, three men stormed a bank in kabul in the latest incident of violence before afghanistan's election tomorrow. security forces killed the robbers in a shootout. local reports say that they were taliban members. the taliban vowed to disrupt the national election. 300,000 nato and afghan
in iraq. he's now at the u.s. embassy here. iran's media says that the three were arrested for illegally entering the country, and that an investigation is under way. now, switzerland represents american interests there because the united states doesn't have diplomatic relations with iran. you're going to hear more details about the three hikers including whether anyone warned them about hiking near iran's border. that is less than ten minutes away. >>> many anxiously awaiting to find out if congress is going to put more money into the cash for clunkers program, but there is a debate over this wildly popular incentive. remember, they blew through the money in like a week. jennifer westhoven is looking into that. more, more, more, give us more. >> we don't know what will happen. if you rushed out and you got yourself a deal over the weekend, good, because cash for clunkers probably burned through its billion dollar budget already. it might get extended. the house said they found another $2 billion for the program, but they need senate approval. republican senators are threatening to kill
for u.s. troops. >>> and bill and some places not in the clear yet. bob will get you updated on the forecast. >> don't you just love people? >> i love ginger. >> that dog must love makeup. there was a lot of love between this dog and a news anchor. see what happened next. that's a great piece of tape. >> the cash for clunkers program seems to be a victim of its own success and may be running out of time again. the "washington post" says dozens of car dealers are pulling out of the program and say they're not getting paid by the government for the money they basically fronted to customers. >> this is supposedly 400,000 vehicle transactions that happened. only 2% of them have been approved for reimburse. . that's a very poor track record at this point. >> they are not going to ask for more money for this program at the white house. the $3 billion on the table is all that's left. when that runs out, it's not likely there's any more money coming behind it. these dealers opting out may not be opting out of all that much more cash for clunkers program. >> the secretary of transport
about having too much debt. we're using less? >> we are. we're working on paying off our credit card debt. i want to say good job everybody, but also there's a lot more mountain for us to climb. together we paid down more than $10 billion of debt in june alone. for five months in a row americans are paying down more than we're charging. that's good. it's going in the right direction. there's still a lot of money to pay off. american consumers still owe $2.5 trillion in debt an robin since the statistics were taken, we still owe than we make. so still pretty bad. a lot to work on. but we're doing good. keep paying it off. if you hate the idea of haggling at the car dealership, this could eliminate a lot of the stress of buying a new car. that is some good news in a bad economy. starting tomorrow, what could be a game changer when it comes to buying a new car, many gm cars will go on sale on e-bay. >> they are for sale by general motors. >> by dealerships. they are gm cars. one and the same. the trial starts in california. it will be like how gm sells used cars now. click buy it now or
i know. do you feel the same way? good morning. i feel very grateful that you made us part of your routine. i'm robin meade. here's what's going on today. >>> the faa has suspended two air traffic controllers over the deadly hudson crash. we have stunning video of the collision right as it happened. >>> michael vick has a new contract and they're betting big on his contract. >>> this man got attacked from behind by an angry husband trying to protect his wife. >>> two air traffic controllers have been suspended over the deadly midair crash. one was on the phone with his girlfriend after the plane's take offand during the accident. apparently a supervisor wasn't even around. the faa doesn't think their actions contributed to the accident but experts say there is a lot riding on how it handled the investigation. >> we have somebody missing in action, we have somebody e else who's not doing their job. the negligence is there. the only question is whether that negligence had a role in this accident. the faa is saying, well, maybe it didn't, but it stands to lose millions and millions of
's going on. >>> the senate has cleared away $2 billion in the cash for clunkers program. >>> u.s. forces may have killed the top taliban leader in pakistan but they still need one more piece to prove it. >>> this guy is so popular, people are fighting over him in court. ahhh. >>> you now have a few more weeks to take advantage of cash for clunkers program. last night the senate agreed to pump $2 more billion into the program. they hope it will help sell another half million new cars. it offers up to $4500 to trade in your old gas guzzler for a more fuel-ee for end car. >> it's a great thing not just for the automobile industry but for consumerses who will now have an opportunity to buy a car that they otherwise not have been able to do. >> as of this morning there were 180,000 deals that had been inputted and completed. we know that this will be a great weekend to go out and buy an automobile. >>> well, the program's initial $1 billion instantly boosted car sales but it ran out in only ten days. some republican critics say cash for clunkers program will create future problems. >>> used c
realized what was happening and we could get into the car and leave, the fire had surrounded i us. it came from all around and left behind a total catastrophe. >> officials say dozens of nuns were rescued from a convert threatened by the flames. six major fires are burning across greece, and it's unclear what started this whole thing. >>> the interrogators use a gun and power drill to scare information from an al qaeda suspect accused of plotting the u.s.s. cole attack. that's one example of abuse. a source told our sister network that. a cia spokesman says the cases went to the justice department. a former intelligence official says one person was prosecuted and two quit. >>> a sputtering plane landing into oncoming traffic on a california freeway yesterday. a lot of you are taking a look at this picture and story on police say that the pilot hit an suv and another car on the way down before this white vw hit him. the pilot told police his engine quit and he tried landed with traffic but lost control. one passenger was treated there. no one else was hurt in that. >>> someone is w
in the biggest credit card theft case in u.s. history. prosecutors say that he allegedly stole data from more than 130 million credit and debit cards belonging to customers of major retailers. albert gonzalez is in jail and has been indicted in similar charges in two other cases. officials say he broke his own record with his latest alleged attack. how do you know if you were or weren't one of the victim? correspondent richard lui has details on which companies were targeted. >>> the first hurricane of the atlantic season is getting songer at sea. bill is now a category 2. it could pass by bermuda at the end of the week. in florida, people are picking up from tropical storm claudette that brought 4.5 inches of rain in parts of the panhandle. >> it's a good wake-up call. panama sea doesn't get them often. we are due. the last one that came in was opal and before that we got one every 15 years. we're due. >> the first named storm of the atlantic season ana fizzled out over the western caribbean yesterday bringing just minor flooding to the virgin islands and puerto rico. chris smith is in for
a wire cage and a shed next to that tent as well. it's not clear what either was used for. the sled had a sliding door and metal clasps, suggesting rs robin, it could not be open from the inside. >> that's a scary thought. the only power, i think i read, was from an extension cord basically. one of the charges garrido and his wife face is false imprisonment. it does appear they led let dugard and her daughters have some contact with the outside world. >> an integral part of the printing company that garrido ran out of his home. one customer even said she went by the name lisa, sharing these e-mails and met her twice. >> very professional, very nice. you know sheerks spoke well, came across as a genuine, nice person. and didn't see anything that was weird or like she was looking over her shoulder or nothing. she seemed a normal person. >> dugard's daughters also had outside contact, robin. 11-year-old angel and 15-year-old starlet at a friend's birthday party two weeks ago. we blurred the faces to protect their privacy. you might wonder why they didn't take one of those opportunities we
we have breaking news this morning. i'm robin meade. thank you so much for starting with us. here's what's going on. >>> for all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> the lion of the senate has died. while you were sleeping senator ted kennedy passed away. we're looking at the man and the legacy. the torch bearer has passed away. he lost his battle with brain cancer. kennedy was one of the most influential lawmakers on capitol hill who reached across party lines several times to get legislation passed. a statement says we lost an irreplaceable person in our lives. >> he was the 20th century and a fragment of the 21st. from health care to education to minimum wage, ted kennedy affected hundreds of millions of americans. >> reaction to senator kennedy's death is pouring in this morning. president obama, first of all, has said our country has lost a great leader and he's profited from kennedy's encourage mrnlt and wisdom. governor arnold schwarzenegger called him a man of great faith and c
with us. >>> a glimmer of hope for two americans held in north korea. some people think that the deal is already made. >>> plus is it over or not? we're going to tell you how long the cash for clunkers program may be able to sputter on. >>> and new signs in life in the nation's economy, why your new retirement may be getting better as we speak. >>> first, though, former president bill clinton has arrived this morning. he was met by high-ranking officials and a girl carrying flowers. laura ling and euna lee were sentenced to 12 year to prin after illegally cross the board. some say he's facing a delicate balancinging at. >>> he's going to face the same difficulty that the administration have been facing since these two women were caught. they want to keep the negotiations separate to everything else, separate to the nuclear issue. the north koreans because they're holding the two reporters and they're a trump card, they want everything as a package deal. >> some say president clinton wouldn't have gone without some sort of understanding for their release otherwise it would have been an
behind us here, before you go to bed, let's final out what's going on. >> i'll give you the latest number from about an hour ago. if you look at the satellite picture, here it is. it doesn't look like very much. a few showers trying to build up. it's going to head into the honolulu area probably later on this afternoon for you guys, your time and it stechs off as a remnant low on the other part of your island, so i don't expect to see much by way of wind. but the waves are out there. look at the big swell. look at the surfer. if that's how you get big waves you can definitely handle this. but if it moves on in, you can expect to see a lot of rain. all right. back to the u.s. here's what it looks like. a couple of showers in the lower parts of arkansas. stronger storms in oklahoma city. in shreveport you can see an outflow boundary. that's the leading edge of the gusty winds. more showers. not severe but they're out there. tropical depression number two has formed in the atlantic by the cape verde islands way in the eastern part of the atlantic ocean. i'll show you that graphic in a little
sleeping tropical storm claudette became the first named storm to hit the u.s. mainland this year. it came ashore another fort walton beach, florida. it's heading for southern alabama right now. top sustain winds are near 40 miles per hour with higher gusts. some coastal areas could see flooding. claudette caught some people from surprise. >> we saw the clouds and water, but we thought it was a regular evening shower. come to find out, tropical storm on the way. >> there are more storms out there right now as well. chris smith is in for bob once again today. good morning. >> we're continuing to track what's barely left of ana as well as hurricane bill, the first hurricane of this atlantic season. you can see ana making its way through the leeward islands. but our first hurricane with winds of 75 miles per hour. ana's will be a remnant low bringing rainfall across parts of the caribbean and cuba making its way towards the gulf coast of the united states. at in the point we don't think it will continue to strengthen any as we go throughout the next five days. meanwhile, bill may pose a threa
like paula abdul has not gone hollywood. why she's leaving "american idol." >>> two u.s. reporters are expected back home in about an hour and a half. north korea pardoned laura ling and euna lee. clinton's mission did not include any nuclear talks. political analyst david gergen with our sister network cnn has more on that. >> reporter: in order to separate out the question over the release of these two women from the question of nuclear talks, the white house does not want to be seen in the position of -- we wanted -- in exchange for the women, we'll take a softer line on nuclear talks. we want to keep it separate. and i think they're doing it successfully. >> the reporters' families are saying they're counting the seconding until they can hold them in their arms again. they thank president clinton and the state department. laura ling's fiancee said yesterday it was one of the best days of his life. e-mail all excited. i'm all excited. i'm looking forward to seeing her. well, we waited for five months now. >> what are you going to tell your daut when you see her? >> i love you. y
billion dollar has already been spent. >>> two u.s. reporters are en y enjoying their first full day at home after months in a korean jail. they had an emotional ryanne onyesterday. the reporter sister doesn't know why north korea agreed to pardon the women. >> we don't know if it was orchestrated or notful we had a sense that the government was going to send president clinton for which we're grateful but whether it was predetermined, we don't know. >> laura ling and euna lee were sentenced 12 years to prison charges of entering the country illegally. the clinton trip has been controversial though. the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea. two analysts shared opposing views on the implications. >> how are they going to see this? are they going to see that it's okay that they brutalize their people, keep hundreds of thousands of people in their prison camps, send missiles toward the united states? you know use a former president should be used cautiously. >> there are no indications that the u.s. made any concessions. the hope is that this is a signal by north kore
forced to flee their lives. >>> plus -- >> seen a young lady run to him, saying "help us, help us, somebody hijacked, took our bus." >> this story only got stranger when the hijacker lost his pants. >>> a 29-year-old woman who was kidnapped when she was just 11 years old has been reunited with her mother. california authorities say jasie dugard was was snatched as she went to her school bus stop in 1991. she spent the last 18 years in a backyard compound behind the home of gary dou rrrido and his. >> she was in good health, but living in a backyard for the past 18 years does take its toll but she was in good health. none of the children had ever gone to school, never been to a doctor, they were kept in complete isolation in this compound, if you will, at the rear of the house. >> look here at the backyard where police say jaycee and her daughters were kept, less than 200 miles from where she was taken. the alleged abductor says he's relieved he's been caught but told dugard was found isn't the most powerful part of the story. >> wait until you read that document. my life has been
this was six years ago. >> yes. six years ago when this indiscretion happened. >>> u.s. marines are in an intense battle to control a battleground controlled by taliban for years. the marines are trying to cut off the militant supplies to the taliban and push back the ip sur subsequents so the residents can vote in next week's election. >>> police say the crew of a pop already tc crime scene show was the first to get big stories because the host ordered killings to boost the ratings. what? the authorities in brazil are investigating the host who they say is a drug killer. he would order the killings and then be the first to arieb on the scenes. >> in truth he went as far as creating facting. >> translator: the investigation's made by the public ministry and the police. so far they've not been able to provide any proof of any kind. >> the former tv host is also a state lawmaker. he say they're setting him up and he insists he got scoops on big crime stories because he has good sources. oh, my gosh. can you believe that story? wow. right now i just want out and it's just accusatio
-third or half the u.s. population could get the h1n1 virus this year. it could kill as many as twice the number of the regular flu. obviously parents are confused. >> now i'm concerned. >> we always have to be concerned with the kids. all the time they are together, they're suppose exposed to different viruses. >> in new mexico more than 100 students called in sick yesterday. they're looking into whether h1n1 is responsible. >>> all dressed up, no place to go. the crew of the space shuttle "discovery" will have to wait. along with some science experiments and the colbert treadmill named after comedian stephen colbert. >>> they're holding a student who was wearing a vest loaded with ten pipe bombs carrying a sword. there was little damage. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> i was in the classroom and all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. we think, oh, yeah, somebody pulled it, ha, ha, ha. all of a sudden we see our teachers and principals coming and rushing it. >> i was getting out of class. we thought it was a fire drill. we were walking out to evacuate. we heard two big explosions. >> wow. poli
arrest add u.s. soldier who they say was working as a hit man for a mexican destruction cartel. private first-class michael jackson pedaka was arrested. >>> travelers sitting there in the terminal a, chris is sitting in for bob. >> it looks like the east coast. right now in atlanta a things are very, very quiet but we expect to see showers and thunderstorms today. 650% chance of the showers and thunderstorms going down your travel plans. you'll see those delays both in atlanta and also new york. you'll see half hour to hour delays for philly, baltimore, d.c. raleigh and jacksonville, you'll see some of the thunderstorm activity. meanwhile fog this morning in nashville as well as san francisco, half hour delays expected there, robin. >> thank you. >>> the cash for clunkers program is so popular that one dealer said he's running out of cars. >> i have never seen such a sudden increase and impulse in business in my career. >> now he says he's waiting for the government to pay up. 8 the night mary on the minnesota tarmac this weekend. they want to know if any laws were broken when passenge
, i think that's the money they would then use to replenish their stock, as well. >>> hurricane bill is a little closer to land this morning. while the category three storm is several hundred miles out there at sea, the effects on the u.s. shores already being felt. the national transportation -- the national hurricane center is warning people from florida to maine of extremely dangerous surf and life threatening rip currents. bob van dylan's showing us where it is now. >> right now, it's just under 700 miles away from cape hatteras, north carolina, but you can see bermuda right here. tropical storm warning for bermuda, hurricane watch for them too. look at the satellite picture, doesn't look healthy over the last couple of hours. getting buzzed down a little bit. hurricane still category three with 120-mile-per-hour winds. a little dry air getting caught up in the center of circulation disrupting it. 120-mile-per-hour winds, that might be a little bit generous, but that's what the national hurricane center is thinking. the path hasn't changed too much. it's arkced a little bit away
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21